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We guarantee maximum care and precision in the production of your labels. Our in house Labeling Specialists are work to the highest degree in Labeling and Adhesive technology.

Our modern 6-colour printing machines produce top quality printed labels to perfectly match your particular product design. On request, we can furthermore assist you with customized proposals for Layout. We can also manufacture your label volumes in bulk and store these to be available to you as you need them

Millions of blank and pre-printed labels are produced in daily. Our high production capacities and flexibility will ensure that your requirements for labels will be met quickly and cost-effectively. Our Stock Label program guarantees immediate delivery

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Purposes… Cost-effective, Versatile, Durable

On close inspection you will realize that labels are high performance products. Billions of self-adhesive labels are used for data capture and company branding in production, logistics and manufacturing. They may be applied to track or trace goods, optimize workflow, identify and brand products or offer the consumer important information. Inevitably the demands made on the label will change with every product. Whether a label serves as a routing bar code on a postal item or whether it is applied for identification of vehicle components, where it should remain in position and legible for the next 10 years, this all makes a difference. Whether blank labels for post-printing, labels with product information, brand labels with sophisticated graphic designs ?RISHA TECHNOLOGIES offer a wide range of labels for any application or environment

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